How can Wyzer Technology help your business prosper?

Most small business computer systems are a shambles.  If yours aren’t then you’re a step ahead of the crowd.  But for many it’s something like this…

You’re trying to get your work done.  Mostly the computers work OK but there are a few niggles here and there, things that you just know should work better.  But nobody seems to be able to fix them cost-effectively so you just put up with it.

Then something breaks and that damn computer won’t run at all!  The work you need to do can’t be done, so you call the IT guys.  It’s urgent so they’re charging a premuim, and you’re impatient because you have deadlines to meet.  So the IT person just hurries to make it work again, then they leave and yet again nothing gets done about improving anything.

If you need anything set in order at an unbeatable price, turn to us. We’ll get things running smoothly, then keep them running smoothly.

Our simply smarter technology solutions can reduce your cost of ownership, improve reliability, and decrease downtime.

Call us today to find out how we can help you improve and streamline your Information Technology.

Why choose us? What makes us any different from the others?

We’re practical, realistic, down-to-earth, and we speak plain English.  We aim to help you get the very best value from your investment in technology.  And we won’t try to sell you stuff you don’t need.

We work alongside your existing IT support people, to enhance the services they already provide. We help you manage and improve your systems, so they become more reliable and simpler to use.  Things are less likely to break, but if they do then your existing IT people can handle that as usual.

Do you need an in-house IT guy?

You know how it is… minor computer problems can be damned annoying, but they’re often not worth the expense of calling someone in at customary IT support prices.

Some small enterprises are lucky enough to have a staff member with enough IT knowledge to keep things running smoothly.  But if you have no such person, we can step in and do that for you.  Think of your Wyzer Technology person as your outsourced “in-house IT guy”.

Need someone technical to liase with vendors to ensure you get what you need, not just what they want to sell you?  We’ll do it on your behalf.

All those odd jobs and ongoing projects that have been bugging you for ages…  leave them to us.

Who are we?

We’re a small team who find our age has become an obstacle to finding employment in our chosen professions.  Employers simply want young people with up-to-the-minute qualifications.  But they neglected to consider the wisdom of our years, so Wyzer Technology was born to provide you with our many years of practical experience in supporting small businesses.

We offer you quality professional services at an unrivalled price simply because we want to work at the professions we love, rather then drive trucks and do general labouring for a living.  We work from home which keeps our costs low.

Simon is the face of Wyzer Technology.  He has worked with computers and electronics for most of his life and has been employed by various organisations, including NZ Forest Service, NZ Post Office and Telecom.

Special Offer

We’re offering ridiculously low introductory rates while we’re getting established in Tauranga.  Call us now to lock in these prices for you until the end of 2018.

For a limited time you can buy prepaid hours at these awesome rates:
• $300 for 5 hours (that’s only $60 per hour),
• $500 for 10 hours (only $50 per hour), or
• $800 for 20 hours – an unbeatable $40 per hour!

Our regular rate is $80 per hour (all prices are GST exclusive).  Not bad at all, in a profession which routinely charges over $100 per hour.

Call us now at 022-6747-185 to arrange your free no-obligation consultation.